Kathryn L. Fitzgerald, MSFP, CFP®
Financial Planner | Financial Services Representative

It seems everyone has "a plan" for their future.  Career, family, retirement, travel.  Some people want to start their own business, or work their way up the corporate ladder.  Maybe you want to reduce your spending and save more.  Some people like to stay local or live in the heart of the city.  Kids want to go to college, or your aging parents need financial help. What happens when your "plan" does not work?  What do you do if a something bad happens to you or your family?  What if your retirement nest egg will not support your goals and dreams?

Creating a financial plan is only the beginning.  Life happens, change occurs and suddenly you are no better off than you were last year.  Maybe you reduce your goals and values in order to accommodate a plan that was not followed through.

I will help you with your financial goals, and I will hold you accountable to achieve those goals.  

Financial Planning is a process.  Let's get started......