Financial Planning Process

Through a collaborative, one-on-one relationship and a concise process, we will help you realize the full potential of your financial future by identifying and prioritizing your short- and long-term goals. This is a critical first step in helping you engineer a targeted plan that employs financial strategies customized to meet your needs.

It begins by taking a personal, in-depth look to understand your specific financial goals and help you define a clear plan for how to achieve them. Based on that understanding, we will help you:

• Achieve a balance between your current lifestyle and future expectations

• Minimize tax impact on your portfolio

• Decide how to invest based on your goals and tolerance for risk

• Provide appropriate solutions that help protect you and your family against the unexpected

• Actively plan for and save toward your desired retirement lifestyle in a balanced, disciplined approach

• Custom-design programs to help you achieve your special goals, such as buying a home, retiring early, paying for your child's education, fulfilling your family legacy and philanthropic giving desires and more.

What to Expect at Your First Meeting

Our first meeting is a discovery meeting - learning about what you want to accomplish in retirement, what plans you have made for your family and children if there are unexpeceted changes to your lifestyle, and if you want to leave a legacy to family or charities.  This meeting is informal - allowing you to freely express your values and concerns.  

At the end of this meeting, we will discuss how Napa Financial Strategies and Insurance Services,  can help you achieve those goals.  Maybe a formal financial plan is required.   Sometimes a more focused plan for retirement, estate preservation, investment management or risk management is better suited for your circumstances.  

Whatever your needs are, we can help hold you accountable to achieve your goals and help you form a plan specific to your concerns and needs.